Kinky ideas for couples, part 2

  Just do it! Yesterday we posted part one of kinky ideas for couples. Without further ado, here’s part two. 11. Pop some popcorn, have a glass of wine (or other favorite beverage), snuggle up together, and watch some S/M porn together. 12. Make a habit of telling your partner, “I can’t believe we’re doing ______.

Review of Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricant

  We’ve been using Sliquid Organics Natural lube for years and absolutely love it. Whether jack and jilling, using a vibrator, or for old-school hard sex, it works great. Another cool factor is that there’s no taste or smell, so you can do oral sex to your heart’s content with Sliquid on your sweetie’s junk. The best

Getting started in kink

  So many choices, so little time. Each journey starts with a single step, and that is true for every kinkster young or old. We all began somewhere. When someone is thinking about getting their perv on, the choices are endless. Many will feel drawn to a specific aspect of BDSM, but others might not

Kinky ideas for couples, part 1

  IT’S A BIG OLD KINKY WORLD! Couples into S/M are always trying to balance the regular and kinky parts of their lives. Sometimes it requires precise juggling to keep the pervy balls and the vanilla ones all going in rhythm. Here are a few ideas to help couples to stay connected and kinky in

Jacking and jilling for couples

  Masturbation is one of those subjects many people feel uncomfortable talking about. Oddly enough though, it ranks among the most common forms of sex. We think it’s time that mutual masturbation (aka jacking and jilling) came out of the closet and into the repertoire of kinky couples everywhere. You remember the old adage about two

Adding some kink a bit at a time

  Everybody has fantasies and I know that some of you have VERY active imaginations. Lots of our fantasies develop on a deep level and we can’t be sure where exactly they stem from. Maybe you used to have a horse and you recently saw a picture of a ponygirl at Folsom. Now you wish

Review of the Doxy Wand

  The Doxy is Europe’s answer to the Hitachi Magic Wand. When you first handle this beauty, you’ll feel the quality construction. We’ve played with numerous wand vibrators over the years and can state without hesitancy that the Doxy is the strongest and most fun wand we’ve ever used. Unlike the Hitachi (which was designed

Review of Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex

  Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex is a great book packed with lots of important information. Whether you’re just getting into the perv, or a veteran kinkster, you’ll find Nina’s book useful and fun to read. The Guide is broken into three sections. The first covers good old-fashioned sex alone and with a partner.

Consent. Yeah, it’s that important.

  In the public’s mind, BDSM is dark and violent; rusty chains, cat-o-nine-tails, leather, and sweat. Although any of these elements might be part of a kinky play session, the reality of S/M is much more nuanced. Whatever the space, BDSM is really about the interplay between pleasure and pain, emotions, and the connection between partners,

Married and kinky, part 1

  Twenty years is a long time. Since we were married in 1998, both of us have changed careers. We’re in the second house we’ve owned together, and are driving our umpteenth car. We put our son through college, beloved dogs have grown old and passed away, we’ve adopted or bought others, and we’re raising