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Chips, dips, chains, whips

  Here’s a fun meme we’ve created that’s an homage to one of Kelly LeBrock’s lines in the 80s comedy film Weird Science. The m0vie was pretty decent, and Kelly’s performance was pitch perfect. Her original lines were: ‘You know, there’s going to be sex, drugs, rock-n-roll… chips, dips, chains, whips… You know, your basic high

Anais Nin orgasm meme

  Anais Nin’s work is erotic, sexy, and smart. Here’s one of our favorite passages attributed to her that we’ve used to create this meme. Yours in kink, Amelie & Mark  

Patience is a virtue in BDSM

  We can all recall the old saying that patience is a virtue. That’s especially true for couples/moresomes considering a new kind of BDSM play. Every kinkster started somewhere. Maybe they took the deep plunge, or perhaps, felt the wavelets on the shoreline tickle their feet at first. Some began by sitting on the beach

Consent, trust, and respect – the traffic signal of S/M

   Several days ago we wrote about consent and how important it is. We would like to go back to that topic today. There are some kinky advice groups on Reddit that we participate in. Just in the past couple of days we’ve read posts from several women who were playing with casual partners that

Kinky ideas for couples, part 2

  Just do it! Yesterday we posted part one of kinky ideas for couples. Without further ado, here’s part two. 11. Pop some popcorn, have a glass of wine (or other favorite beverage), snuggle up together, and watch some S/M porn together. 12. Make a habit of telling your partner, “I can’t believe we’re doing ______.

Getting started in kink

  So many choices, so little time. Each journey starts with a single step, and that is true for every kinkster young or old. We all began somewhere. When someone is thinking about getting their perv on, the choices are endless. Many will feel drawn to a specific aspect of BDSM, but others might not

Consent. Yeah, it’s that important.

  In the public’s mind, BDSM is dark and violent; rusty chains, cat-o-nine-tails, leather, and sweat. Although any of these elements might be part of a kinky play session, the reality of S/M is much more nuanced. Whatever the space, BDSM is really about the interplay between pleasure and pain, emotions, and the connection between partners,

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