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If a masochist bangs their funny bone, is it good or bad?

  Impact play is a big part of our kinky lives as a couple and we love exploring the intersection of erotic pain, dominance, and submission. Our toy collection reflects how hot we think pain play can be. We have tools that can cause every sort of sensation from the kiss of a feather to

Your kink kit: the basics

  When we were just beginning as kinksters, we started small – sexy clothes, candles and music with some bindings and buzzers on the side. Think vanilla cake layered with some sweet, some spice, and a sprinkle of salt. As an experienced S/M couple, we want to pass on some tips with you on what

Pervertables – they’re everywhere!

  Pervertables are things we use in everyday life that can also turn into  kinky toys. These naughty little helpers are stashed away in the kitchen, the bathroom, and in many other corners of your house or flat. You only need the imagination to find and incorporate pervertables into your S/M play. It’s right between your

Review of the Sex & Mischief Faux Leather XOXO Spanking Paddle

  The Sex & Mischief Faux Leather XOXO Spanking Paddle is a fun toy for BDSM beginners. We bought ours a long while ago and still play with it. You can’t find a toy that’s easier to use and it’s great for light play. This is also a good choice when storage space for kinky toys

Consent. Yeah, it’s that important.

  In the public’s mind, BDSM is dark and violent; rusty chains, cat-o-nine-tails, leather, and sweat. Although any of these elements might be part of a kinky play session, the reality of S/M is much more nuanced. Whatever the space, BDSM is really about the interplay between pleasure and pain, emotions, and the connection between partners,

The most powerful sex toy

  Most of us enjoy finding fresh sex toys to play with. A new vibrator or butt toy can jazz up an otherwise routine play session and add some spice. Most people become bored doing the same thing time after time. So to supplement or replace a stale sex life they watch porn, wishing they

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