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Chips, dips, chains, whips

  Here’s a fun meme we’ve created that’s an homage to one of Kelly LeBrock’s lines in the 80s comedy film Weird Science. The m0vie was pretty decent, and Kelly’s performance was pitch perfect. Her original lines were: ‘You know, there’s going to be sex, drugs, rock-n-roll… chips, dips, chains, whips… You know, your basic high

Anais Nin orgasm meme

  Anais Nin’s work is erotic, sexy, and smart. Here’s one of our favorite passages attributed to her that we’ve used to create this meme. Yours in kink, Amelie & Mark  

Planned intimacy—keeping the sparks flying

  Many of us entered adulthood believing that when you found the perfect partner, intimacy would be easy. Rip off the clothes and passionately embrace, the sparks fly, and, well, you can fill in the rest. Trouble is that too often the passing of time leads to a less intense type of intimacy—the sparks become

You’re not too old to get your kink on

  A few days ago we read about a 50 year old woman wondering if she was too old to start in BDSM. She wasn’t sure what to do or how to start. We gave her some information and encouragement based on our own story of beginning our kinky journey at the same age. In

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