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If a masochist bangs their funny bone, is it good or bad?

  Impact play is a big part of our kinky lives as a couple and we love exploring the intersection of erotic pain, dominance, and submission. Our toy collection reflects how hot we think pain play can be. We have tools that can cause every sort of sensation from the kiss of a feather to

Anais Nin orgasm meme

  Anais Nin’s work is erotic, sexy, and smart. Here’s one of our favorite passages attributed to her that we’ve used to create this meme. Yours in kink, Amelie & Mark  

Your kink kit: the basics

  When we were just beginning as kinksters, we started small – sexy clothes, candles and music with some bindings and buzzers on the side. Think vanilla cake layered with some sweet, some spice, and a sprinkle of salt. As an experienced S/M couple, we want to pass on some tips with you on what

Vibrators – Myth vs. Reality

Vibrators are fun additions to the kinky toy box and can add a wonderful depth to play sessions. For some people though, these toys can feel threatening or strange. We’re looking today at a few of the many myths that surround vibrators and how they can enhance what it is that we do (wiitwd). Bottom

Building a kinky play space

  Once Mark and I began our kinky explorations together, it felt like driving through landscapes we had never imagined. Around each bend was a new concept of what partners enjoyed and used to find sensual connections.  We quickly discovered we both loved latex, impact play, e-stim and bondage. As time went on, this added

Is BDSM really dark and weird?

  We’ve written before about how certain aspects of BDSM, kinks, and fetishes have reached into society’s mainstream. Celebrities wear latex dresses on the red carpet. Amazon is the world’s largest sex retailer. Thousands of artisans are selling their kinky creations on etsy and even superstars such as Rihanna sing about S/M (complete with duct

Planned intimacy—keeping the sparks flying

  Many of us entered adulthood believing that when you found the perfect partner, intimacy would be easy. Rip off the clothes and passionately embrace, the sparks fly, and, well, you can fill in the rest. Trouble is that too often the passing of time leads to a less intense type of intimacy—the sparks become

Pervertables – they’re everywhere!

  Pervertables are things we use in everyday life that can also turn into  kinky toys. These naughty little helpers are stashed away in the kitchen, the bathroom, and in many other corners of your house or flat. You only need the imagination to find and incorporate pervertables into your S/M play. It’s right between your

You’re not too old to get your kink on

  A few days ago we read about a 50 year old woman wondering if she was too old to start in BDSM. She wasn’t sure what to do or how to start. We gave her some information and encouragement based on our own story of beginning our kinky journey at the same age. In

Married and Kinky 2, Learning from Nina

  Nina Hartley rocks! Yes, I know, everybody who ever watched her porn videos knows that. But for Amelie and me, Nina is so awesome because of her couples DVDs. Pretty soon after we decided to try kink, we stumbled on her DVD “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Bondage Sex”. So we ordered this DVD and watched

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