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If a masochist bangs their funny bone, is it good or bad?

  Impact play is a big part of our kinky lives as a couple and we love exploring the intersection of erotic pain, dominance, and submission. Our toy collection reflects how hot we think pain play can be. We have tools that can cause every sort of sensation from the kiss of a feather to

A shared smile – yeah, it’s that good

  During one of our kinky playdates not long ago, we found ourselves in a very deep and meaningful space together. It was one of those moments when time sort of loses its meaning amidst all of the orgasms, pain, pleasure, and emotions. In our scene, a stern and loving, dominant needed to teach their

Patience is a virtue in BDSM

  We can all recall the old saying that patience is a virtue. That’s especially true for couples/moresomes considering a new kind of BDSM play. Every kinkster started somewhere. Maybe they took the deep plunge, or perhaps, felt the wavelets on the shoreline tickle their feet at first. Some began by sitting on the beach

Vibrators – Myth vs. Reality

Vibrators are fun additions to the kinky toy box and can add a wonderful depth to play sessions. For some people though, these toys can feel threatening or strange. We’re looking today at a few of the many myths that surround vibrators and how they can enhance what it is that we do (wiitwd). Bottom

Is BDSM really dark and weird?

  We’ve written before about how certain aspects of BDSM, kinks, and fetishes have reached into society’s mainstream. Celebrities wear latex dresses on the red carpet. Amazon is the world’s largest sex retailer. Thousands of artisans are selling their kinky creations on etsy and even superstars such as Rihanna sing about S/M (complete with duct

You’re not too old to get your kink on

  A few days ago we read about a 50 year old woman wondering if she was too old to start in BDSM. She wasn’t sure what to do or how to start. We gave her some information and encouragement based on our own story of beginning our kinky journey at the same age. In

Getting started in kink

  So many choices, so little time. Each journey starts with a single step, and that is true for every kinkster young or old. We all began somewhere. When someone is thinking about getting their perv on, the choices are endless. Many will feel drawn to a specific aspect of BDSM, but others might not

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